The UCLA Engineering Class of 1959
held its
"40" year reunion on
Saturday, April 24, 1999
at the Santa Monica Yacht Club in Marina del Rey, California
from 2:00 PM to Midnight.

Organizing Committee:
Charles Herget
Jan Olson
Larry Tannas
George Bramblett


Time: Activity:

2:00 to 5:00 PM

Pre-reunion gathering and harbor cruises

5:00 to 7:00 PM


7:00 to 9:00 PM


9:00 PM to Midnight

Dancing and Socializing


Group Photo


Standing (Left to Right): Salvador Mayo, Harold Margulies, Yujiro Yamamoto, Jack Tanabe, Eugene Baskevitch, Don Herzstein, Bob Halprin, Jackie Halprin, Bob Baker, Laverna Baker, Glen Greisz, Bob Hopkins, Linda Romine, Jim Romine, Marianne Olson, Jan Olson, Therese Herget, Charles Herget
Sitting: Peggy Frostad, Sheila Margulies, Fien Yamamoto, Marianne Blanc, Mona Herzstein, Beverly Lew, Star Hopkins, Carol Tannas, Betsy Bramblett, Gary McMullin
Kneeling: Dave Frostad, Serge Blanc, Liong Lew, Larry Tannas, George Bramblett

Afternoon Get Together

Renewing Old Acquaintances

Left to Right: Jack Tanabe, Serge Blanc, Bob Hopkins, Star Hopkins

Following Photos Courtesy of George Bramblett


Therese Herget

Bob Baker

 Candice Shamia from UCLA Engineering Alumni Office watches guests sign in.

Jackie and Bob Halprin

Don Herzstein, Marianne and Serge Blanc

Bob and Laverna Baker, Yujiro Yamamoto

Carol Tannas and Salvador Mayo

Candice Shamia, Beverly and Liong Lew

Bill Goodin, President UCLA Engineering Alumni Association, and Caroline

Charlie Herget paying the bill.

Jim Romine, Charlie Herget, Don Herzstein

Sheila and Harold Margulies

Jan and Mariana Olson

Laverna Baker and Betsy Bramblett

George Bramblett and Liong Lew

Betsy and George Bramblett

Liong Lew and Larry Tannas